NSBC Logos

NSBC Logo Guidelines & Usage

Members of the NSBC are permitted to use the NSBC logo and member decal as a representation and proof of membership with the NSBC. You and/or your organization are required to adhere to the following guidelines and restrictions for the use of any and all NSBC trademarks.

The NSBC member decal, membership certificate, or a product of the NSBC provided to you can be positioned for display in the following scenarios:

  • At a store front (i.e. - window or countertop)
  • On personal equipment (i.e. - boat or car)
The NSBC logo can be presented on the following:
  • Stationary
  • Website
  • Newsletters/E-Newsletters


The NSBC logo is not to be used as follows:

  • On a company product unless a formal agreement has been arranged between the company/organization and the NSBC. To make a request, contact NSBC Executive Director Peg Phillips at [email protected]
  • To suggest any kind of endorsements of programs and/or products

Logo for Web

Logo for Design


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