Instructor-Trainer Membership

To become a member of this category, you must be currently teaching NSBC training courses and have been certified by the NSBC as an "Instructor-Trainer." If you're interested in becoming an Instructor-Trainer, contact [email protected].

There are two options for Instructor-Trainer Membership. If you are an on-the-water Boat Control Instructor-Trainer, the first option is for you. If you are a Boating Safety Instructor-Trainer who teaches in the classroom, the second option is for you.

Note: If your state agency or organization is already a member of the NSBC in good standing, you are eligible to register as an Instructor-Trainer for the discounted rate of $90/annually. 

Boat Control Instructor-Trainer (on-the-water)

                      Instructor-Trainer Member Application: $100

                      Instructor-Trainer Member (Agency) Application: $90

 Boating Safety Instructor-Trainer (classroom)

                    Boating Safety Instructor-Trainer Member Application: $100

                    Boating Safety Instructor-Trainer Member (Agency) Application: $90

 Instructor-Trainer Benefits:

  • Maintaining a valid NSBC Instructor-Trainer Certification
  • Ability to order Instructor Binder for instructor candidates
  • Ability to issue NSBC Instructor Certificates
  • Discounts on Training Materials (student manuals, certificates)
  • Ability to issue Participation Certificates to basic students
  • Authority to use NSBC logo in accordance to NSBC’s Use Policy
  • Authority to use “NSBC Certified” with written contract signed by the NSBC Executive Director
  • “Anchorline” newsletter subscription
  • Email updates and Rachel’s Radar e-newsletter subscription
  • NSBC Training-specific e-newsletter subscription
  • Discount on NSBC Products