Downloadable Resources

To help assist you with your boating safety efforts, the National Safe Boating Council and Wear It! campaign offers free downloadable resources. Additional free resources can be downloaded at Are there other items you're looking for, but don't see? Contact

Be Smart, Be Safe (Water Sports Foundation)

Boat Pro Point of Sale Safety Kit Check List: Customizable and comprehensive list of necessary safety equipment for both the boat (front page) and the boater (back page). Include your logo and company contact data at the top and add a map, coupon or company photos on the back page. Use it to open discussion with customers about purchasing safety equipment best suited for their boating activity. (Boats Under 26ft) and (Boats Between 26-40ft)

altBoat Propellers: A Hidden Danger - USCG (English) (Spanish)

Carbon Monoxide Brochure

Choose To Boat Safely Brochure

Emergency Engine Cutoff Switch Brochure

Float Plan (

How to Choose the Right Life Jacket (USCG)

Injured While Boating? Accident Report Poster (JPG) (PDF)

Involved In An Accident? Accident Report Poster (JPG) (PDF)

Public Service Announcements

PWC Checklist (English)

PWC Checklist (Spanish)

Rental Boat Safety Checklists

Safe Boating Checklist

Safe Boating Tips

North American Safe Boating Campaign Graphics and Logos

Winterizing Checklist (BoatU.S.)